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3rd Quarter Patrol Case

Ofc Kyle Russel & K9 Chance 3rd Quarter Patrol Case Alexandria City Police, VA

     On September 22, 2016, at approximately 0220 hours, Patrol Officers were dispatched to the 4600 block of Duke Street, Alexandria, VA, for a Felonious Assault. Upon their arrival, Officers located a victim who was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The suspect had already fled the area in an unknown direction. Later that day at approximately 0920 hours, a citizen called and reported that a suspicious person was hiding in the woods behind her house in the 4400 block of Venable Avenue. Patrol Officers were dispatched and subsequently stopped the subject in the 4500 block of Duke Street. Believing that the subject was possibly involved in the Felonious Assault that had occurred earlier that day, Patrol Officers requested K-9 Officer Kyle Russel and his assigned K-9 Chance to respond to the area for an article search.

     Officer Russel and K-9 Chance began their article search in the 4500 block of Duke Street at the bus stop where the subject was stopped. They worked their way southbound, slowly sweeping the area as they moved. Officer Russel ensured that the search was slow and methodical to make certain that the heavily wooded and brush areas behind the 7-11 convenience store, 2 South Jordan Street, and the wood line at Ewald Park were properly searched. Officer Russel and K-9 Chance continued searching this area with negative results. They then began searching the ball fields and playground areas at Ewald Park, checking all trash cans and other locations where evidence could have been discarded. Officer Russel and K-9 Chance eventually made their way to the far southeast corner of the park where they discovered an opening in the fence. That opening led to a very thick and densely wooded area between the park and houses that are located on Venable Avenue. As they were searching this area Officer Russel saw an immediate change in K-9 Chanceís behavior. K-9 Chance put his nose to the ground and began pulling very hard. Suddenly, K-9 Chance stuck his head into the brush and retrieved a black firearm. Officer Russel immediately commanded him to drop the firearm, which K-9 Chance did. Officer Russel could clearly see that there was a magazine in the weapon and that the slide was locked to the rear. A Patrol Officer, who was providing cover for Officer Russel and K-9 Chance, remained with the firearm until the Crime Scene Technician responded. Officer Russel and K-9 Chance continued their search through the woods, ending at the initial callerís residence in the 4400 block of Venable Avenue. They did not locate any other evidence. Subsequent investigation revealed that the stopped subject was involved in the original Felonious Assault and that the weapon K-9 Chance recovered was tied to the original offense. Without the efforts of Officer Russel and K-9 Chance this weapon may not have been located.


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