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MPO Barry Byers and K9 Leon
Greenbelt City Police Department

On August 27, 2009 at approximately 1417 hrs MPO Barry Byers responded to assist the Hyattsville Police with an armed robbery. Upon his arrival, Byers learned that Hyattsville officers had chased two suspects from the robbery and apprehended one. The second suspect was last seen in the parking lot of 3600 East West Highway, a large commercial office building. A perimeter was established prior to Byers arrival. A canine track was started in the parking lot of 3600 and the track went to the main front lobby doors of the office building. K9 Leon was cast in the area several times and each time he took Byers to the main lobby doors. Byers then told the on scene supervisor that he believed the suspect had made it into the office building. MPO Byers and K9 Leon remained on the perimeter of the building while uniformed officers cleared the public areas of the office building. An unsecured and open basement area was found and Leon was brought down and cleared the area.

While traveling back to Greenbelt, Hyattsville called and requested Byers to return to the scene. Upon his arrival, Byers was informed that the suspect was seen on a surveillance security camera enter the main door of the building and run into the stairwell. Units then had the building evacuated and keys for the entire building were obtained from the building manager. A canine search was done off lead in the basement with negative results. Byers then directed that the search would start on the top floor and clear down. On the fifth floor, there were only two office suites. One had mail piled under the door, so Byers requested that they find the keys to the other suite on that floor. While officers looked for the keys, K9 Leon checked the door seam of 502 and began to bark. MPO Byers started to give a canine announcement, at which time the door opened up with the suspect standing just inside the door with his hands up. The suspect was taken into custody with no canine contact. It was later determined that there was a female worker inside of the suite and that she was being held against her will by the suspect who was armed with a knife which was also recovered inside of the suite. The suspect subsequently acknowledged that upon hearing K9 Leon barking at the door, that he felt he had no chance of escape and decided to surrender.

lthough the overall distance of the track was relatively short (approx. 100 yards), MPO Byers and K9 Leon were working in a very high traffic area, almost exclusively on asphalt, during 90 plus degree weather, on a call that was 30-45 minutes old by the time he arrived. MPO Byers was able to rule out other escape routes with K9 Leon, and was subsequently successful in ending a hostage situation through good tactics and outstanding K9 work.


Officer Bo Curry & K9 Fixx
Montgomery County MD Police

On January 5th, 2009 at approximately 0050 hours Montgomery County Police were notified that officers from the Metropolitan Police Department (DC) were pursuing a stolen vehicle that was just involved in an armed robbery. DC Police pursued the stolen vehicle into Montgomery County where it turned down Garland Avenue, which is a dead-end street. After realizing he had nowhere to go, the operator of the stolen vehicle put the vehicle in reverse and rammed two DC police cruisers. The three suspects then fled from the vehicle on foot.

Officer Curry and K9 Fixx arrived on scene after another Montgomery County K9 officer and a DC K9 officer were already attempting to track the suspects. Officer Curry began a search of the yards in the area and K9 Fixx located a grey jacket hanging on a fence between two yards. Officer Curry responded back to his vehicle and obtained Fixx’s tracking equipment. He then went back to the yard with K9 Fixx in an attempt to locate where the suspect had run.

K9 Fixx immediately located the track and jumped a fence into the rear yard of an adjacent property.K9 Fixx tracked through the yard and onto Walden Street. From there the track continued through front yards toward Arliss Street. Prior to Arliss Street the track turned right behind the houses in the 8800 block of Arliss Street. K9 Fixx continued tracking through the back yards of several residences. The track then turned left between two houses and back across Arliss Street towards Flower Avenue. K9 Fixx continued to track across the parking lot next to Giant Food. They continued to track through another parking lot towards Ocean City Seafood where an officer was sitting in his cruiser maintaining the perimeter. Approximately 50 yards before reaching the cruiser, K9 Fixx veered to the left which led down an alley.

Officer Curry heard noises coming from the alley as he and K9 Fixx were approaching. Officer Curry illuminated the alley with his flashlight and observed the suspect with his hands in the air surrendering. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident and voluntarily made several incriminating statements.

The track was approximately 500 yards in length and in a suburban environment which included numerous surfaces. Due to the excellent work of Officer Curry and K9 Fixx a violent offender was arrested and taken off the streets. Thankfully, the DC officer only sustained minor injuries during the assault.


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