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Officer Greg Moore and K9 Stryker
Prince William County Police Department

On October 20, 2006, in the early evening, Officer Greg Moore and K9 Stryker of the Prince William County Police Department responded to the dead end of Kidwell Drive in Dale City, VA regarding two armed robbery suspects who fled from patrol officers. Both suspects were last observed running into the woods at this location. Officer Moore and K9 Stryker began their track at the point last seen and K9 immediately located a track. K9 Stryker tracked through the woods for a short distance and up to a yard on Kentwood Lane. K9 Stryker indicated on a handgun lying on the ground, which was believed to have been dropped by one of the suspects. Officer Moore continued the track with K9 Stryker, which led down Kentwood Lane in a westerly direction. K9 Stryker eventually turned south on Kerrydale Drive and continued tracking. The track stayed on Kerrydale Drive for some distance traveling mostly on the sidewalk. After several minutes of tracking, K9 Stryker stopped and looked hard left. Officer Moore illuminated the area and observed a subject on the opposite side of the road. This subject matched the description of one of the suspects and was subsequently arrested for the armed robbery. Officer Moore continued on the track in an attempt to locate the second suspect with negative results.

With the exception of the start of this track which was in the woods, this entire track was run in a highly congested and contaminated neighborhood with people milling about in areas near and on the track. K9 Stryker was able to ignore these distractions and his perseverance paid off with the arrest of one of the suspects. An evening operations commander was on the scene of this incident and had nothing but praise for the actions of the K9 team of Officer Moore and Stryker. Approximate total distance on the track was 1 to 1.5 miles.



Officer Mike Dewey and K9 Duke
Greenbelt MD Police

On 09/05/06 at approximately 1852 hours, while on routine patrol in a marked police car, Officer Mike Dewey (Greenbelt, MD Police) pulled into a commercial parking lot in the city. As he approached the lot, he observed 4 subjects exit a silver Dodge Caravan which was parked in the rear lot of the building. As he got closer to the vehicle, the subjects started acting nervous by freezing in place and staring at him. They then started to back away from the car, and appeared to be using it as a physical barrier between him and them. Officer Dewey then observed one subject drop a black glove in the parking lot.

MPO Dewey recognized that Dodge Caravans are a high theft vehicle in this area and auto thieves also commonly carry tools such as screwdrivers, knives, and dent pullers which can all be used as weapons. As he pulled adjacent to the van, all four subjects ran.

MPO Dewey immediately commanded them to stop. MPO Dewey could not immediately deploy his K9 partner Duke as there was no confirmed crime yet. He quickly checked the vehicle and observed that it was running and had a popped ignition. The tag was also listed as active stolen through Prince George's County, MD PD.

MPO Dewey then deployed his K9 partner Duke to track the suspects who had fled into a wooded section to the rear of the building. As they entered the woods, K9 Duke began pulling hard in the direction the subjects had run. As they came into the clearing on the other side of the woods, Duke made a right turn (south) along the back of a row of houses towards Ora Glen Dr. As they neared Ora Glen Dr., they made a left turn into a wooded section that runs along Ora Glen Dr. As they tracked east along Ora Glen Dr., MPO Dewey observed the suspects laying down in the woods, as marked patrol vehicles began to flood the area. The suspects saw him coming and began to run again.

MPO Dewey made a loud verbal K9 announcement at which time a bystander inadvertently pulled her vehicle directly in between the suspects and him. The driver's window was observed to be open and K9 Duke's attention was now focused on the driver and therefore he could not be sent. The subject in the car was directed to move on, and K9 Duke started tracking again.

The suspects continued east along Ora Glen Dr. until one of the suspects was observed running south across Ora Glen Dr., behind several houses in between South Ora Ct and Greenbrook Dr. Another K9 handler was in the immediate area with his K9 partner and attempted to initiate a track of that suspect. MPO Dewey then observed two male subjects who were the same age range as those who were fleeing, standing in front of a residence.

When those subjects saw him, they ran inside of the house. He then radioed for an additional unit to respond to the location as one became available, in order to interview the subjects. After the other K9 unit was unable to locate the subject that had run across the road, additional officers responded to MPO Dewey's location. Units were unable to determine if the subjects in the house had fled from the vehicle, and they were therefore sent back inside after obtaining their information for field observation reports.

MPO Dewey then took K9 Duke to the last known location where they were previously tracking and attempted to reacquire the suspects. K9 Duke then began tracking north in between Ora Ct and the rear of Frankfort Ct. As they continued tracking, they got onto a heavily traveled asphalt path that wraps around Emily's Way. K9 Duke then picked up a black glove that was located in the grass next to the foot path. The glove was observed to be the same style as the one dropped by one of the suspects at the original scene. K9 Duke continued tracking and turned north and tracked out to the parking area for Emily's Way. K9 Duke then made a right turn in the parking lot and continued east towards the Windsor Green Pool . As they approached the top of Emily's Way near Jacobs Dr, a perimeter unit stated that he heard the K9 team coming towards him and then observed the suspects who had been concealing themselves in a wooded area to the rear of the Windsor Green Pool alongside of Greenbelt Rd. As they neared the location, the suspects again began to run, this time out onto Greenbelt Rd through heavy traffic. Perimeter units now began giving chase.

The three suspects ran to the rear of the city High School towards the athletic fields. As MPO Dewey and Duke crossed Greenbelt Rd through traffic, they continued onto the athletic field to the rear of the school. At this time, only one of the subjects was observed running across the field. Another Officer was able to get close to the subject and take him into custody. MPO Dewey and K9 Duke then checked the baseball field area and were able to determine that the other two subjects had not gotten out onto the fields.

K9 Duke was then brought back the last location where all three had been observed running. K9 Duke then began tracking along the rear of the High School and up a stairwell to the rear of the building. Two suspects were located at the top of the landing, concealing themselves behind the wall. K9 Duke was directed to "speak" to the suspects as they were ordered to lay face down on the ground. Additional patrol units were then called to the location and both were taken into custody without further incident.

All three were recognized as being the suspects that fled from the car.

The total length of the track was approximately 1 mile and traveled through residential neighborhoods with significant pedestrian traffic including numerous domestic animals which were observed during the track, and a high school athletic field with student activities in progress during the pursuit. The track crossed grass, parking lots, and a 6 lane highway and lasted approximately 1 hour until final conclusion.


POIII William Seidel and K-9 Alson of the
Montgomery County, MD Police

On May 16, 2006, POIII William Seidel and K-9 Alson of the Montgomery County, MD Police responded to assist patrol officers with the search for a missing, suicidal 15-year-old female. The subject s mother had found a suicide note and patrol officers had been on the scene for more than one hour prior to the K-9 team s arrival.

Investigation by patrol officers determined that the subject had been seen running through yards on an adjacent street. POIII Seidel and K-9 Alson began a track in that area and soon located an eight-foot wooden fence with fresh damage indicating that someone had recently climbed over it. POIII Seidel restarted Alson on the other side of the fence where he continued in a westerly direction through very heavy brush and weeds. The track then turned in a northerly
direction toward Route 198 through a heavily wooded area. Alson continued to track through rear yards of homes on Cedar Tree Road until he reached a yard on Sandy Spring Road (Rt. 198).

At this point, Officer Seidel observed the missing subject jump from heavy cover and run toward Cedar Tree Road. At Cedar Tree Road and Rt 198, Officer Seidel encountered a patrol officer who stated that no one had crossed the road. Believing the subject could be hiding in the heavy cover, Officer Seidel and Alson went back and worked the corner area of Cedar Tree and Rt 198. Alson continued into the Elk Club property on Sandy Spring Road and worked the bushes in that area. The team continued to work that area and check and cleared two outbuildings. As they exited the second outbuilding, Alson began pulling in a southerly direction and into an open field. As they continued, Officer Seidel observed a dark object lying along the hillside. As they got closer, Officer Seidel determined it to be a person who then responded when he called out. The subject was turned over to patrol officers who transported her for treatment.

Patrol units had searched for more than one hour prior to Officer Seidel and Alson arriving. The canine team then tracked and searched for forty more minutes through varied conditions. Due to their skill and determination, the subject was located safely and transported to a facility for appropriate treatment.


Officer Jerry Psak and K9 Malu
U.S. Park Police

On January 24, 2006 at 10:00 PM, Officer Jerre Psak and her partner "Malu" of the United States Park Police responded to assist Metro Transit Police with a search for a suspect wanted for attempting to stab a Metro bus driver at 7th St and Independence Ave SW, DC. Upon arrival, a Metro Transit patrol officer requested her to attempt a track as their canine had cancelled due to weather. After a 10 minute thunderstorm with moderate downpour and high gusty winds, Officer Psak deployed her canine "Malu" and commanded him to track. The Metro patrol officer acted as her back-up.

Malu started the track at the bus and continued north along the walkway adjacent to the Hirschorn Museum to Jefferson Drive and turned left. The canine continued for half a block and turned left again towards Independence Avenue. Malu turned right and began to pull aggressively as they tracked west on the sidewalk. Crossing 12th street, K9 Malu entered an asphalt parking area and circled the parking area back to 12th Street. At this time, the back up officer saw the suspect ahead of the canine team.

The suspect was detained and identified by the bus driver. The suspect was arrested and charged with "assault with a deadly weapon." The track was approximately ½ mile in length over mostly hard wet surfaces (brick, concrete and asphalt) after a brief downpour with gusty winds.


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