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Pfc Robert Radnoff and K9 Qwinto
Howard County MD Police Department

On August 17, 2009 at 1600 hours Pfc. Robert Radnoff was requested to respond to MD Route 175 at Route 29 to assist Howard County Vice and Narcotics Units reference a vehicle drug scan. Pfc. Radnoff arrived on scene at 1617 hours and was directed to scan a 2002 Cadillac Escalade located on the shoulder of Route 29. Pfc. Radnoff and Qwinto started the scan at the front passenger headlight and proceeded counter clockwise around the vehicle. Pfc. Radnoff noticed a distinct change in Qwinto’s behavior when he reached the driver’s side door. Qwinto proceeded to sniff intently at the lower portion of the door seam inhaling the odor coming from inside the cab of the vehicle. Qwinto then sat down and stared intently at the door seam and would no longer move alerting Pfc. Radnoff to the odor of narcotics in the vehicle. Officers subsequently searched the vehicle and located an ounce of pure heroin inside the vehicle. The driver was arrested and charged with Distribution and Possession of Cds. The vehicle, $8000, and heroin were seized.


Deputy Patrick Grubar and K9 Varius
Arlington County Sheriff's Office

On Thursday January 8, 2009 at approximately 1400 hours Deputy Grubar and K-9 Varius were dispatched to 1904 N. Taylor St. in Arlington County to assist the Arlington Police vice narcotics unit execute a narcotics search warrant. Upon arrival the team began to search the exterior of the residence to include a storage shed in the back yard as the vice unit cleared the inside of the house.

After the vice units completed their search, the K9 team conducted a complete interior scan of the residence. K-9 Varius alerted to the rear of a computer tower under a large desk. This area was searched by ACPD who recovered approximately four (4) individually wrapped one ounce plastic bags of suspected marijuana inside a blue diaper wipes box.

As the search continued, K9 Varius alerted to the closet in the second bedroom. This area was searched and an unknown amount of suspected marijuana wrapped in plastic inside a tin box was recovered. K-9 Varius alerted repeatedly to the attic space in the ceiling area of this same bedroom. An attic access door with a fold down ladder was used to access this space. Vice officers located a shoe box containing twenty two (22) individually wrapped one ounce packages of suspected marijuana in the attic.

The final alert was on a set of cabinets in the kitchen area of the residence. A scale and packaging materials were removed from the cabinet by the Arlington vice officers. In all, approximately two (2) pounds of suspected marijuana, $1075.00 in U.S. currency, a scale, packaging material, and assorted documents were seized from this location. The marijuana field tested positive at the scene and the subject is currently out on bond pending an April Grand Jury indictment by the Arlington County Circuit court.


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