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Officer Stuart Dougherty and K9 Homer
Frederick County MD Sheriff's Office

On December 20, 2006, Officer Stuart A "Doc" Dougherty along with his canine partner Homer of the Frederick County, MD Sheriff's Office, were on their way to monthly narcotic detection training when they were requested to assist the Hagerstown City Department of Police in a scan of one of the local high schools.

Officer Dougherty began his scan of the parking area down wind of all the vehicles in the search pattern. Officer Dougherty began to detail the cars in left to right pattern, detailing the entire door seams, trunk and hood area. After detailing about 8 – 10 vehicles, canine Homer showed a behavior change and attempted to go under one of the vehicles. Officer Dougherty brought canine Homer out from under the car and detailed the driver's door seam. Canine Homer again attempted to go under the car. Officer Dougherty then took canine Homer around the back of the car. At this time, canine Homer pulled Officer Dougherty to the next car in the line. Officer Dougherty and canine Homer made several passes trying to get to the source. Canine Homer then placed his nose on the rear seam of the driver's door and gave Officer Dougherty a clear indication. Officer Dougherty then continued to have canine Homer scan the rest of the car on the passenger side. At the rear seam of the driver's door, canine Homer showed a very distinct behavior change, which is the indication of the odor of narcotics. At this time, Officer Dougherty advised the school administrators and had the driver of the car brought out. The driver verified it was his car. At this time, the driver gave consent for search of the vehicle. Found inside the vehicle, in the middle console, were several marijuana cigarettes along with other drug paraphernalia. The driver of the vehicle was charged and released to the custody of his parents.




On 09-15-06 Corporal Andrew Logan along with his canine partner "PELE" were requested to assist members of the Prince George's County Police Narcotic Enforcement Division with a drug scan of a residence.

Cpl. Logan began the scan on the third floor of the residence, while conducting the "fast pass" of the upstairs hallway, "PELE" began to show a behavioral change by stopping the search pattern and attempting to pull towards a small bedroom. "PELE" began to shut down his breathing rate and inhale deeply upon reaching the door of the bedroom. Cpl. Logan began a detail search of the bedroom, upon reaching the bedroom closet door, "PELE" stopped and placed his nose at the bottom of the door and inhaled deeply and went into a scratching indication at the door seam. Cpl. Logan advised investigators of "PELE's" indication on the closet door and continued the scan of the residence.

While conducting the "fast pass" of the master bedroom, "PELE" stopped at the armoire and placed his nose on the top door seam, inhaled deeply and went into a scratching indication. Cpl. Logan continued the scan of the master bedroom and upon reaching the door of the master bath, "PELE" began to show a change in behavior and pulled into the bathroom. "PELE" began to air scent and would follow the scent cone in and out of the bathroom, but never went into an indication.

Cpl. Logan continued the scan of the third floor with no other alerts or indications given by "PELE." While scanning the basement level of the residence "PELE" began to change his behavior along the hallway leading to a family room. "PELE" began to air scent, and inhaled deeply at the family room closet door. "PELE" placed his nose at the bottom door seam and immediately went into a scratching indication on the door seam. Cpl. Logan advised investigators of the locations of "PELE's" indications and alert in the master bedroom bathroom. During the hand search of the residence, located inside of small bedroom closet at "PELE's" first indication was a book bag full of U.S.currency. Located inside the armoire where "PELE" gave his second indication was a bundle of U.S. currency hidden inside clothing. Located in the family room closet where "PELE" gave his third indication were 6 kilograms of cocaine, which were hidden inside the floor joist. Once inside the family room closet where the 6 kilograms of cocaine were located the pipe chasing was found for the plumbing pipes leading to the master bedroom bathroom. Which allowed the scent cone of the cocaine to travel into the master bedroom bathroom, which explained the behavioral change by "PELE."

Cpl. Logan along with "PELE" located 6 kilograms of cocaine and a total of $177,946.00 in U.S. currency during the scan of the residence.


DFC Charles Zang and K9 Brik
Frederick County MD Sheriff’s Office

On January 31, 2006 at 1:30 AM, Deputy First Class Charles Zang and his partner K9 Brik of the Frederick County, MD Sheriff's Office responded to assist another Deputy during a traffic stop. The Deputy had stopped a car for speeding and was still working on paperwork when Deputy Zang arrived. There were two occupants in the car and the driver acted very nervous while talking with the Deputy. The Deputy asked DFC Zang to use "Brik" to scan the car. The conditions were cloudy, with 3-5 mph winds and the temperature was 38 degrees.  DFC Zang told the two occupants that he was going to perform a scan of the car. The driver immediately got more nervous. DFC Zang asked them to close the windows, turn off the motor and place the keys on the roof. The driver closed the windows, turned off the motor and put the keys on the dashboard. Deputy Zang again asked them to put the keys on the roof.. The driver said he could not open the windows without the keys in the ignition. DFC Zang pointed out that he could open the door and put the keys on the roof or he could pass the keys to him to put on the roof. The driver put them on the roof. As Zang turned to get "Brik", the occupants began to move around the car. The other Deputy directed them to place their hands on the dashboard during the scan.

DFC Zang got "Brik" and prepared to do the scan. As they approached the car, "Brik" gave a respiratory change and pulled to the trunk. He briefly sniffed at the areas above the license plate. The team started at the passenger side headlight and worked left to right. As they rounded the driver's rear corner, "Brik" slowed his respirations and began to frame the trunk and then the wheel well and then to the rear of the car. DFC Zang recognized the behaviors and realized that "Brik" was working narcotic odor. "Brik" continued to work the rear area attempting to go to source. He got to the rear center, squared his body and gave a scratch alert at the license plate. Zang praised "Brik" and took him from the car. Zang told the other Deputy of the alert. Due to the excessive nervousness of the driver, Zang placed "Brik" in a "down" while the occupants exited the car. The other Deputy searched the car while Zang and "Brik" watched the occupants. When the other Deputy opened the trunk, the driver jumped up. DFC Zang ordered him back down. The other Deputy found a plastic cooler containing a nylon duffle bag in the trunk. Inside the bag was six bags containing approximately five pounds of suspected marijuana. The driver was arrested and his car was seized. The passenger was interviewed and released.


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