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2007 Tracking Trial Certifying Teams

Abernethy, Charles Benny US Capitol PD 12/9/2007
Binckley, Thomas Lobo Arlington County PD 11/10/2007
Boyer, Amanda Sam Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office 12/9/2007
Brown, Steve Bosco Alexandria PD 11/10/2007
Brust, Justin Eric CIA 11/10/2007
Byers, Barry Rex Greenbelt PD 12/9/2007
Daniel, Marshal Koda Prince William County PD 11/10/2007
Davis, Mary Tonka Montgomery County PD 12/9/2007
Dewey, Mike Rambo Greenbelt PD 11/10/2007
Dickerson, Kyle Rocko Rockville City PD 12/9/2007
Dove, Matt Max Montgomery County PD 12/9/2007
Elkin, Ari Deko Montgomery County PD 12/9/2007
Everhart, James Rikki Martinsburg PD 12/9/2007
Fromm, Brian, A Titan Alexandria PD 11/10/2007
Guenther, Mark Storm Arlington County PD 11/10/2007
Heimberger, Matt Mako Arlington County PD 11/10/2007
Henderson, Will Bear Berkeley County WV Sheriff’s Office 11/10/2007
Hendrick, Kim Max Alexandria PD 11/10/2007
Jones, Daniel Dusty Metropolitian PD 11/10/2007
Kelly, Tom Kenny Montgomery County PD 12/9/2007
King, Brian Rudy Winchester PD 12/9/2007
Lane, Joshua Ringo CIA 12/9/2007
Laudner, Dave Rex CIA 12/9/2007
Lichtenberg, Thorpe Rico Arlington County PD 12/9/2007
Liddell, Terrance Sabo Metropolitian PD 12/9/2007
Magruder, Vince Riddick Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office 12/29/2007
Matarese, James Nordi US Park Police 11/10/2007
Moore, Gregory Stryker Prince William County PD 11/10/2007
Musterman, Robert Cigo Greenbelt PD 11/10/2007
Nidell, Clancy Joey CIA 11/10/2007
Person, Derek Arno CIA 11/10/2007
Phelps, Craig Kardiff Martinsburg PD 11/10/2007
Place, Seth Cirka Morgan County Sheriff’s Office 12/29/2007
Raysick, Dominic King Montgomery County PD 12/9/2007
Rolon, Carlos Ajax Alexandria PD 11/10/2007
Saunders, Joseph Andy Montgomery County PD 11/10/2007
Stanton, Joseph Mako Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office 12/9/2007
Staten, Lori Ki Montgomery County PD 12/9/2007
Torchiani, Renzo Smokey Alexandria PD 12/9/2007
Torpy, Dave Ozzie Arlington County PD 11/10/2007
Van Antwerp, William Hawkeye Prince William County PD 11/10/2007
Whitfield, Ruby Guinness Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office 11/10/2007
Wuchovich, Mark Marco Alexandria PD 12/29/2007
Young, Tom Sultan Berkeley County WV Sheriff’s Office 11/10/2007



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