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Event Results - Patrol Dog I

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Region Three's Patrol Dog 1 Results - 2007

Top Five Open

First Place Officer Terrance Liddell and K9 Sabo, Metropolitan PD, DC
Second Place Officer Sean LaGrand and K9 Rocky, Metropolitan PD, DC
Third Place Officer William VanAntwerp and K9 Hawkeye, Prince William County, VA PD 660.50
Fourth Place Corporal Robert Musterman and K9 Cigo, Greenbelt, MD PD 658.17
Fifth Place Officer Mark Wood and K9 Mickey, Metropolitan PD, DC 652.83

Top Three Novice

First Place Officer Marshall Daniel and K9 Koda, Prince William County, VA PD 642.33
Second Place Officer David Laudner and K9 Rex, Central Intelligence Agency 604.50
Third Place Officer Robert Wigton and K9 Bo, Metropolitan PD, DC 600.83

Top Five Department Teams

First Place Metropolitan PD, DC #2
Mark Wood & K9 Mickey, Sean LaGrand & K9 Rocky, Terrance Liddell & K9 Sabo
Second Place Second Place - Prince William County, VA PD
Kevin Jennings & K9 Draco, Gregory Moore & K9 Stryker, William VanAntwerp & K9 Hawkeye
Alternate - Marshall Daniel & K9 Koda
Third Place Arlington County, VA PD
Tom Binckley & K9 Lobo, Dave Torpy & K9 Ozzie, Thorper Lichtenberg & K9 Rico
Alternate - Matt Heinberger & K9 Mako
Fourth Place United States Park Police
Jerre Lea W.L. Psak & K9 Malu, Jeff Daugherty & K9 Togo, Charles Wilkins & K9 Ranger
Alternate - James Matarese & K9 Nordi
Fifth Place Metropolitan PD, DC #1
James Ginger & K9 Simon #1, Robert Wigton & K9 Bo, Daniel Jones & K9 Dusty

2007 PD1 Final Scores

PLACE Competitor Dog Name Department (State) Score
1 LIDDELL, Terrance Sabo Metropolitan PD Washington, DC 668.83
2 LA GRAND, Sean Rocky Metropolitan PD Washington, DC 665.17
3 VAN ANTWERP, Bill Hawkeye Prince William Co, VA PD 660.50
4 MUSTERMAN, Robert Cigo Greenbelt, MD PD 658.17
5 WOOD, Mark Mickey Metropolitan PD Washington, DC 652.83
6 MOORE, Gregory L. Stryker Prince William Co, VA PD 652.00
7 GINGER, James E. Simon #1 Metropolitan PD Washington, DC 651.50
8 NUNEZ, Jaunez Clipper NYPD 647.00
9 TORPY, Dave Ozzie Arlington Co, VA PD 645.83
10 HEIMBERGER, Matt Mako Arlington Co, VA PD 644.83
11 DANIEL, Marshall Koda Prince William Co, VA PD 644.33
12 WILKINS, Charles M. Ranger US Park Police 641.50
13 DAUGHERTY, Jeff Togo US Park Police 639.50
14 LICHTENBERG, Thorpe Rico Arlington Co, VA PD 637.83
15 BINCKLEY, Tom Lobo Arlington Co, VA PD 634.50
16 ABERNETHY, Charles Benny US Capitol PD 630.50
17 JENNINGS, Kevin Draco Prince William Co, VA PD 611.17
18 SPENCER-PATTERSON, Tia Morgan Metro Transit PD 611.17
19 ROLON, Carlos Ajax Alexandria, VA PD 607.33
20 LAUDNER, David Rex Central Intelligence Agency 606.00
21 WIGTON, Robert Bo Metropolitan PD Washington, DC 603.83
22 HENDERSON, Will Bear Berkeley Co, WV SO 603.67
23 LUDWIG, Paul Storm Metro Transit PD 598.17
24 BROWN, Steve Bosco Alexandria, VA PD 596.67
25 FROMM, Brian Titan Alexandria, VA PD 595.33
26 BYERS, Barry Rex Greenbelt, MD PD 593.83
27 PLACE, Seth Cirka Morgan Co, WV SO 590.67
28 WUCKOVICH, Mark Marco Alexandria, VA PD 589.17
29 JONES, Daniel Dusty Metropolitan PD Washington, DC 589.17
30 PSAK, Jerre Lea W.L. Malu US Park Police 587.00
31 LANE, Joshua Ringo Central Intelligence Agency 583.83
32 TORCHIANI, Renzo Smokey Alexandria, VA PD 576.17
33 PHELPS, Craig Kardiff Martinsburg, WV PD 569.33
34 MARKS, Randy Baron Greenbelt, MD PD 563.17
35 CROOM, Eric Gunner Metro Transit PD 534.00
36 HENDRICK, Kim Max Alexandria, VA PD 513.17
37 MATARESE, James J. Nordi US Park Police 373.00



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